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The Official Hotty is driven to make every woman stronger, feel great and look Hot! We aim to deliver greater overall wellness for busy women over 40, physically, mentally and emotionally. When women reach 40 years of age and above, her body goes through a change in hormones, probably gone through the harsh effects of years of eating unhealthy foods, the occasional lack of sleep, and the deprivation of regular physical exercise. Our digestive track would have had to take the hit of inflammatory foods, thus causing a whole myriad of digestive issues which ultimately lead to overweight and diseases. However, we’ve got good news, IT’S NOT THE END OF THE ROAD. Taking all these factors into consideration, The Official Hotty has designed an amazing healthier wellness journey based on all natural tisanes and simple effective workouts in the shortest time for busy women over 40!

Grab our all natural caffeine-free tisanes from The Official HotTea range and put a check on belly fat buster, immune system booster, joint health, greater memory, and better hormonal balance with a heritage in Indian and Chinese traditions.

Get the full experience of The Official Hotty Wellness Journey by joining our metabolic workouts with The Official HotTeam. Enjoy greater stamina, strength and endurance. Of course, please be reminded though, that we only depend on all natural herbs and spices for natural health. Therefore, performance cannot be compared to synthetically produced products. 

We would truly appreciate if you could write us a review and let us know how you have enjoyed your healthier lifestyle with us!